Africa You are invited to the International Mars Society Convention

Mars Society 24 th. Annual International Mars Society Convention About Our four-day event is free, and brings together prominent scientists, policymakers, entrepreneurs and space advocates to discuss the significance of the latest scientific discoveries, technological advances and political-economic-social developments that could affect plans for the human exploration and settlement of Mars. As always, the convention […]

Africa we need your help with Mars Mathematics. We training high school students.

Space Mathematics for Earth & Mars We are exploring creative high school math story problems based on exploring Mars. Can you help?  Russia we need your help with Mars Math? is now live. What’s next?Post addressCopyView PostAdd New Post Convert to audio Seamlessly turn this post into a podcast episode with Anchor – and let […]

Make Water on the Moon

Earth’s Moon Feb. 20, 2019 NASA Scientists Show How Ingredients for Water Could Be Made on Surface of Moon, a ‘Chemical Factory’ When a stream of charged particles known as the solar wind careens onto the Moon’s surface at 450 kilometers per second (or nearly 1 million miles per hour), they enrich the Moon’s surface […]