Kenneth Goes To Ghana:Kids Talk Radio

Kenneth Wyrick (white hate) is from Los Angeles, California and he is helping Kids Talk Radio Africa to connect with teachers and students in the USA.  Kenneth is a scientists helping the XQ Super School International High School located in the USA.

We visited the museum, sat with Chief Nii and toured the town of Lombadi, Ghana West Africa.

Kenneth- Ghana Photo

The museum is a world class museum founded by Albado Gaston when the government gave him an ocean front watch tower building with a spiraling 3 story stair case.

We started going through the museum on a tour. We say and heard about the older arts, the founding of the artist collective exhibit where I purchased a pair of hand made python skin sandals with thin rubber soles that I am wearing, right now. As we where entering the second floor we received word from the chief that he was ready to see us so we excused us from the docent, tour guide and made a made dash to make our way to see Chief Nii. He was finishing up with someone when we arrived and before long we were being invited into the Chief’s quarters. He gave us the option to sit any where we wanted to sit then he grabbed the edge of the table and sat there, close to us. He spoke mostly with me, I think because I was taller than him and have age on me signified by my mostly white colored beard.

He started off with telling us that he is a member of the chiefs council and that he welcomes us to Ghana over and over again. He asked were we were from and when I said Los Angeles he mentioned that when President Obama visited him he said something about LA but he did not know if he was referring to City of Los Angeles or the State of Louisiana. I thought quickly and said I didn’t think it was either one, then it came to me that LA is both the acronym for Los Angeles and the State of Louisiana.


We talked on…he asked if we were Christians and I said yes Baptist. He said he’s Presbyterian and that he would be honored if we would attend church with him this coming Sunday. Naturally, we accepted, he had me write down my phone number and after a little more chit chat we took some pictures, he ex-courted us out to the SUV and drove away as he waved goodbye to us.


Interesting enough we went back to the museum. I continued walking through the galleries on the 2nd floor and that’s when I say Mr. Gaston artwork and several others. I was so impressed that I still remember some of their first names. One was named Larry. His artwork all had these silver dollar size eyes with a then white upper eye lid dispersed through the canvas on faces seemingly deliberately place in a random manor. Then there’s Kate. Her artwork was fine line details of people and art objects drawn in pencil, ink and paint. I also remember she had some darling lined figures with solid colors done in medium grean and skin tones. Then there several others that had their own styles and a great since of shapes, color and scale that I thought I would rember their names but I do not at the moment.


As I was walking down one of the hall ways I peek through and open door where there was a man sitting there. I wanted to express my excitement about the artwork I had just seen. It turned out after going on and on about his artwork, him signing a catalog and giving it to me that I discovered that he was the artist. I felt a bit embarrassed that I didn’t realize it much sooner but he thanked me for my comments, gave me his card and asked for my contact information. We had a great talk about Ghana and my concern for raising the consciousness of people about the poor hygiene in the streets. We talked about art some more and my associates joined us and we left not very long after that.


You can see a few pictures I took today by going to:


Ok that was today. Now tomorrow Friday we will be picked up by Prince Sogbakah’s drive for a second day of riding around in an air conditioned suv. The first two days our hired drivers (we had several, maybe 6 different ones) only had the smallest of 4 door Hondas with no air conditioning.


So we plan to meet visit the kuwami kruma museum:

and then visit with Prince Soghaka and his project, which is: for the rest of the day then go hear life music for happy hour.


When i blog tomorrow night i also will be getting ready for the next day, Saturday when we plan to be picked up by the manager of the: where I’m told we will have the time of our lifes as his guests. This is thanks to Douglas Mensa a Ghanaian living in Chattsworth, California, now, but from here. His mother worked as an educator for over 40 years, I think and he has land here to develop a technical k-12 school that i plan to visit on Sunday if we do not get caught up with Chief Nii all day. And if so I will have to visit Douglas’s land the following week.


Well it appears that the Internet is down so I may not be able to send this e-mail, straight away but I will save it and hopefully be able to send it when i rise in the morning.


Stay tuned for much more to come. I am working with Kujo to brain storm and design his tour business as he has studied and chooses to start his own business as an entrepreneur. Today he did is first travel video log in front of the museum:


They would not let us take any pictures inside, of the fabulous artwork, in the museum collection but I did get a signed catalog of an exhibit by the museum founder.


Kujo played soccer which afforded him to travel throughout the 8 or more regions which are like small States in the US each with their own capitol. He is very good at talking about the various destinations in Ghana and most excited to be involved with Kids Talk Radio Africa. Before I leave we plan to have a name for his business and that he will be well on his way to making it happen.


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