Kids Talk Radio in Ghana: Kenneth Report 2

Kids Talk Radio Africa is lucky to have Kenneth Wyrick from the Roosevelt High School XQ  Team sending news directly from Africa.  He is a true backpack journalist working in the field.   Often times he has to stay up way into the night to get his news reports sent to Kids Talk Radio in Long Beach, California.  


Our Backpack Journalist in Ghana, Africa: Kenneth Wyrick Repoting



Greetings and Salutations coming to you from Accra, Ghana West Africa Friday January 29 in the year of 2016.

Today we started out headed for the oldest indoor mall in Accra, Ghana. It is modern and similar to malls I frequent in the States. It is size-ably smaller than the malls I am use to.

Kenneth in Ghana 2016

Next we visited the Memorial to Kwame Nkrumah in Accra which is different from the link I posted yesterday which was for the Kwame Nkrumah University. the images you can see the primary school kids standing along side the Italian bronze bigger than life size sculpture of Ghana’s first president, which is situation in front of the memorial that houses him and his late wife. You can also see one of his cars which is on display. We had a tour guide taking us around as she explained what we were seeing but she declined for me to take her picture and there was no photography permitted while in the museum section of the grounds.


We left there and headed across town where I managed to capture pictures of other youth as we drove by. So many of the pictures, I took were not good enough to share with you but I did manage to find a couple which I included in the photo expose of our day.


We also visited the Akuma Village which is situated on a cliff aside the Atlantic ocean where we too some photos and walked around the grounds. I’m told it’s a place where artist come to share their artworks. Based on the layout it also looks like they have rather large parties there. They have a narrow, winding path that leads you down the hillside to the beach but I did not see anyone on the beach, this day.


To end our day we went to a nice restaurant, spent more money that we had budgeted to spend but had a splendid time meeting up with a third set of Ghanaen referral contacts from the states. I hope to explain more about that at some point but it’s late and I really should get started sleeping while it’s still night time.


I need to mention that I was just informed that while I was typing in the dark, last night I misspelled the name of the founding director of the Museum, we visited who is retired from teaching Art at the university, his name is Ablade Glover. I would have mis-spelled it again if I was not looking at his 80th Anniversary signed catalog, that he gave me, right now.


Well that’s it folks for now. Expect there to be more to come.



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