Changing the World

The Indiana Council on Educating Students of Color
  Promoting Leadership • Literacy • Early Childhood Education
Dear Colleagues,
There is a need to support children of color in their pursuit of a quality education and to increase access to educational opportunities for all children globally.
The Caribbean population is a combination of the indigenous inhabitants present before the arrival of the Europeans.  The enslavement and the dispersion of Africans, from the West coast of Africa, to the Caribbean and the Americas is called the “African Diaspora”. The word Diaspora refers to the distribution of people, language, and culture that was formerly concentrated in one place and dispersed to another.
   Map of the African Diaspora
The African Methodist Episcopal Church has established Churches and Schools throughout the Caribbean, South America, Africa, India and parts of Europe. The AME church schools fill a void for many students living in low- socio-economic conditions. They serve large populations, therefore it is a struggle to provide supplemental reading books, supplies, and technology for hundreds of attending children without additional resources. We believe the keys to releasing youngsters from the bondages of poverty are early childhood education, literacy, leadership, and nutrition. Our partnership will create After-school Literacy Centers that support these efforts in 16th Episcopal District, AME Church schools.
What are the goals of the centers?
The goals are to support administrators, staff and students to meet their national standards  to supply materials, equipment and books to schools and families. The Literacy Centers are open after-school hours and act as a resource to children and family members desiring to increase literacy acquisition.

Let’s change the world together!

Throughout the African Diaspora, children of African descent have the lowest reading scores.  Collaborating with individuals, organizations, corporations, businesses, sororities, fraternities, churches, student groups, and all concerned with humanity can change the lives of many children.  Join the movement to eradicate illiteracy in the Diaspora!
In collaboration with
16th Episcopal District, AME Church
Bishop Reverend Anne Henning Byfield
Diana Daniels,
Director of Literacy Intiatives

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