Africa we need you help on Mars

Students from the USA and Cabo Verde are working together to experiment with Super Seeds for Mars 2030.   Dr. Angelo Barbosa (Cabo Verde) and Bob Barboza, MS. (USA) are conducting research and sharing results.  This is a STEM project designed to get high school students excited about science.   We welcome you to join […]

How long does it take to become an astronaut?

By Robert Z. Pearlman, Editor | NASA astronaut Jeanette Epps, seen here in November 2017 at the Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center in Star City, Russia, has been removed from her scheduled expedition to the International Space Station in June 2018.  (Andrey Shelepin/GCTC via NASA) A NASA astronaut who was slated to become the […]

Student Mars Engineering Contest

Join the Mars Society Red Eagle Student Engineering Contest January 30th Letter of Intent Deadline The Barboza Space has a fellowship program for students that might want to participate in this Mars Engineering lander design contest.   Contact: Bob Barboza at. The Mars Society announced last September the Red Eagle Student Engineering Contest to […]

Who is building robots in Africa?

Humanoid robots are now used as research tools in several scientific areas.  Bob Barboza wants to train robots to care for astronauts taking the long journey to MARS. Researchers study the human body structure and behavior (biomechanics) to build humanoid robots. On the other side, the attempt to simulate the human body leads to a […]

A Letter About Mars to our Friends in Africa

End of the Year Letter From Dr. Robert Zubrin Dear Friend, We live in interesting times with regard to human Mars exploration. I can’t remember a period in which the issue of humans-to-Mars has been so front and center, both in terms of significant progress being made with the actual Mars launch infrastructure, engineering and […]